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Modern Shower

Recent Projects

Deck Construction

Recently completed deck project in Erie. This beautiful 24x12ft deck was completed in early February. 

B. Deck Feb 2023

Door Installation

Our customer wanted some privacy in their office space and reached out to us for help. They gave us the doors they wanted to install, we built a frame to accommodate the new doors and installed them.


Room Renovation

This is a two part project where we turned a storage room in our customers basement into a modern room. This project involved painting the room, installing new closet, trim around windows and new baseboard around the room. 


Deck Construction 

Our latest deck construction, this beautiful second floor deck has been completed in late February. This deck project in Lone Tree is another project successfully completed for our property management customer. 


Wine Cellar Installation

What was once a small bar in a basement got converted into a refrigerated wine cellar space with over 1k wine bottles!


Room Renovation

Part two of this room renovation. 

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